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•  Ackerman Capital Management, LC

Featured Project

Assessing the extent of a partial renovation for a private school in North Dallas was both interesting and challenging. Utilizing the existing structure and the interior finishes which were already in place, the project involved the selection of compatible materials to replace those which were no longer viable.  

An evaluation of the interior finishes was approached from both a design perspective and from a standpoint of deterioration of the existing elements. In consideration of the type of building under renovation, a public space which housed a school, great care was given to the selection of materials which were within the code specifications regulated for that particular environment, using the compliance standards for fire, air quality and environmental standards.  We also chose to replace the existing materials using sustainable design concepts from both a perspective of responsibility and to take advantage of the opportunity to model that responsibility for the students. Durability was a major consideration in our decisions as well as assembling elements which were aesthetically pleasing and conducive to an environment which would foster the learning capabilities of the student body.  The renovation was scheduled during the summer break to avoid disruption of the students schedule during the school year.  The result is a setting in which education flourishes and students, faculty and staff encounter each day with a renewed “joi d vie”.




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